Notes for lessees:

Hay Butter Market – notes for lessees.

Hay Warren Conservation Committee is a charitable organisation itself and as lessors of Hay Butter Market are obligated to the townspeople of Hay, organisations related to the town of Hay and to the Warren Club to ensure that Hay Butter Market remains available for their use and in good repair. All the trustees and their agents carry out their duties with no payment. The charges applied to the hiring of Hay Butter Market are based on the necessity of these obligations.

If a commercial organisation hires the Butter Market it has the opportunity to lease each stall for £10 per stall, therefore this organisation can profit from the letting, without even setting up its own stall. (The Butter Market can accommodate up to 12 stalls). This has occurred in the past and necessitates the henceforth, strict application of the hiring regulations.


A commercial organisation is defined as an organisation when one or more of the stalls sell items for their own or the organisation’s profit.

A charity is either a nationally registered charitable institution or a local charity such as Churches, Chapels, Societies, etc. where ALL of the proceeds and/or profits from the hiring are entirely donated to that charity.

Hay Warren Trustees 2012