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All members of the club are encouraged to attend the draws which occur throughout the year in local Inns and Public houses, a free light buffet is provided, and each member may bring a guest. At these meetings, several cash prizes are drawn with all members numbers entered. Additionally an “in the room” draw also takes place, funded by a raffle ticket purchased on that evening (50p) and entered by all attending members.

Once a year a Golf competition is organized during the summer, and a larger draw takes place near to Christmas. Our membership fee has not changed since 1973 it is £13.00 per annum. This is paid by “standing order” in four quarterly payments of £3.25.

If you are interested in joining, in order to help us maintain and administer the Warren, a standing order authority can be obtained at F. W. Golesworthy & Sons and Eric L. Pugh & Co, both near the Town Clock.

A diary of events and a membership number will then be sent to you. We would be delighted to welcome you to our 300 club.

Please enjoy the Warren if you are a local or visitor and please treat the meadow with respect and take any litter home.

Sorry, but camping and the lighting of fires are strictly forbidden.

List of draws